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How To Heal Your Skin

It’s no secret, healing takes time.

As someone with an autoimmune condition, I can certainly confirm this!

But what if there was something to help accentuate and speed up the healing process?

Over 9 years ago, I was admitted to hospital with meningitis.
After this event, I experienced a plethora of problems, particularly with my skin, and the development of facial lesions and acne.

For years I researched methods to help heal my skin, and sought medical advice, all with no avail….

There’s no cure for my condition/conditions, and though I still suffer at times with ‘flares’, I’m relieved to say I’ve seen huge improvements! 

The journey to symptom relief can be complex, and often requires a multi-pronged attack!
Below I list my personal top tips for those suffering with similar skin problems:

1. Protect your gut health. Take probiotics, particularly if you’ve been taking antibiotics.
2. Seek medical advice- Some see improvements with medications like doxycycline or accutane.
3. Analyse your diet, are you potentially intolerant to any foods?
4. Check for autoimmune disorders, for example, undiagnosed coeliac disease can trigger dermatitis herpetiformis.
5. Minimise inflammation as much as possible. Avoiding sugar, alcohol, and stress can help with this.
6. Hydrocolloid patches can quickly become your best friend when trying to combat puss filled spots.
7. When lesions occur, dressing them with bandages fortified with silver can help to minimise risk of infection, and hence, speed up the healing process!
8. Essential oils like tea tree possess natural antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Used correctly, they can help spots.
9. Seek treatments from beauty practitioners. There are plenty of treatments available, like light therapy, that can help with conditions such as acne and rosacea.
10. Keep the skin supple!! It might seem contradictory, but keep the skin moisturised, even if your spot prone!
11. Utilise BHA/AHA’S
12. Be KIND to yourself!

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The Secret To Long Hair

Most of us dream for long, lustrous, and healthy hair, but how can we attain this??

Treating our hair with empathy can of course certainly help, avoiding all the obvious tools of abuse such as bleach, intense heat and perming!

Let’s face it, most of us have been there where at some point we’ve tortured our hair, only for us to regret it!
As an ex-serial bleacher, I can certainly preach to this! 
Then there was the time my hair nearly died as a result of my friend’s swimming pool!…. Absolute nightmare! 
It’s taken time to treat my tresses back to health, but with persistence, and the right care, it’s doable!

On the theme of horror stories, what’s the worst story you had to deal with, with regards to your hair??
As previously stated, with the right care, things can thankfully get better! 

Following a healthy diet, getting frequent trims and avoiding stress triggers can all help to improve conditions too!
Using products that enrich and protect the hair, like our Hair Envy range, can certainly help to aid recovery.

For example our Hair Envy Lustrous Hair Oil works as a potent two-in-one product that not only helps to nourish the hair as a serum after drying, but also works as a heat protectant before styling.

Then there’s our superhero duo! 
Our Hair Envy Revitalising & Regenerating Shampoo and Conditioner! 
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