About Us

Sabrina & Wendy Wooldridge

Directors of Wooldridge Cosmetics & Wooldridge Interiors

From the outside, we both appear 'normal', however, something both of us have in common is that we both have autoimmune conditions.
Whether it be hair loss, blistering skin, or rosacea, we have all had our battles with an array of upsetting symptoms!
That’s why we are so proud to introduce our exciting new cosmetics line that helps to combat these unpleasant aliments!
Everyone deserves to feel amazing! That's why we,re honored to showcase products that actually work!
Our Philosophy
When developing Wooldridge Cosmetics, we had a strong desire to craft a line where every product could be regarded as a ‘hero product’.
We’re pleased to say that our objective was achieved!
Meet ThE Team!

Meet Wendy

Managing Director at Wooldridge Cosmetics

Meet Sabrina

Managing Director at Wooldridge Cosmetics

Meet Marla

Managing Beauty Consultant at Wooldridge Cosmetics

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